ASIRT on Twitter

ASIRT also communicates with Albertans through the use of social media. ASIRT can be followed on Twitter by going to @ASIRT_AB. Followers receive information such as

  • Links to ASIRT news releases
  • Investigation updates, quotes, and information
  • Requests for witnesses
  • Updates to the website
  • General information about ASIRT

Although ASIRT invites followers, ASIRT does not automatically follow back. Should ASIRT follow anyone or any organization on Twitter, no endorsement is being made in any way.

It should be noted that at times Twitter service may become unavailable. ASIRT accepts no responsibility for the lack of service when these events occur.

ASIRT’s Twitter account is monitored during regular office hours, Monday to Friday. ASIRT welcomes feedback from its followers but may not always reply to messages received.

ASIRT wants Twitter to be a place of constructive conversation where it can inform followers of ASIRT-related information. Should ASIRT receive messages that are inappropriate in nature or contain derogatory comments or profanity, ASIRT will block those users from its account.

ASIRT cannot and will not accept messages sent through Twitter as official communications with ASIRT.

PLEASE NOTE: All public complaints must be made to the police agency of jurisdiction. ASIRT does not accept complaints about police behaviour from members of the public.
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