Correctional services

Correctional services are operated by both the federal and provincial governments. Offenders who receive sentences of less than two years or who receive community sentences such as fines, community service work or probation are under provincial jurisdiction.  Offenders who receive prison sentences of two years or more are the responsibility of the federal government.

Young offender services, custody and community supervision, pre-trial supervision, community and custody sentences and Extrajudicial Sanctions Programs, are the responsibility of the provincial government.


Objectives of Correctional Services include:

  • To administer the orders/sentences of the court.
  • To assess the risks and needs of inmates and young offenders.
  • To assist and encourage inmates and young offenders to use the services and programs related to their needs for the purpose of developing the abilities and skills necessary to conduct independent, law abiding lives.
  • To ensure correctional services are efficiently operated.
  • To hold inmates and young offenders accountable through custody and supervision and work services.

All individuals under community or custodial supervision are assessed by professional staff to determine their risks and needs.  Included in the assessment process are addictions, health and mental health issues and life management issues.

The Correctional Services Division is organized into branches including: 

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