Report A Poacher line

Call this 24-7 line to report suspicious hunting and fishing activity, dangerous wildlife encounters and serious public lands abuse.

You can play a role in protecting fish and wildlife resources and our natural surroundings by observing the activity around you.

Report A Poacher line

Phone: 1-800-642-3800
Hours: 24-7

When you speak with the fish and wildlife officer:

  • any personal information you give is confidential
  • you can remain anonymous

If your information leads to charges being laid in regards to a hunting or fishing violation, you may qualify for a reward.

When you call the line

Provide the fish and wildlife officer with as many of these details as you can:

  • date, time and location of the event
  • details about the violation
  • description of the people
  • licence plate number of the vehicle
  • distinguishing details about the vehicle – make, model, colour, dents, stickers

Fish and wildlife officers will then investigate your report.

Suspicious hunting or fishing activity

The line lets you report suspicious or illegal hunting or fishing activity, hopefully leading to investigations by fish and wildlife officers and convictions.

Learn about the related regulations:

Alberta Guide to Hunting Regulations

Alberta Guide to Sportfishing Regulations

Wildlife emergencies

Call the line to report wildlife emergencies, such as a bear encounter.

If you’re having a problem with an animal that's not an emergency, call your nearest Fish and Wildlife Office during regular business hours.

Public lands abuses

Call the line when you see someone:

  • driving a vehicle in the bed or shore of a natural water body
  • driving up and down a stream
  • crossing a stream perpendicular to the flow – with excessive speed or wheel spinning
  • not using a nearby established crossing, bridge or ford to cross a natural water body
  • creating tire ruts
  • creating new vehicle trails in an area that already has existing trails
  • taking their vehicle off trail in sensitive high alpine areas
  • blocking existing trails
  • clearing a new trail to access another area
  • clearing trees and other plants to create a camping spot
  • building or inhabiting an unauthorized structure on public lands
  • leaving large amounts of litter
  • abandoning vehicles
  • entering closed areas

Funding partnership

The Alberta Conservation Association funds the reward payments for the Report A Poacher line.