Crime Prevention

Alberta’s crime prevention strategy addresses the factors we know contribute directly to crime. Through targeted programming, we aim to reduce risk factors and promote protective factors by engaging community groups, grassroots groups, police officers, and other stakeholders to create safe and thriving communities.

Risk and protective factors

Risk Factors are negative circumstances and influences that increase the likelihood of a person committing crime. They are extensive and complex, ranging from factors unique to an individual to broader societal issues. They can include:

  • unemployment and low income
  • educational levels including high school drop-out rates
  • changes in families and parenting
  • household size
  • availability and use of alcohol and drugs
  • shifting social values
  • increased migration to cities
  • a shift to communities where people don’t know each other

Protective Factors are positive characteristics or conditions that distance people from risks and promote positive development. They decrease the likelihood of individuals engaging in crime or becoming victims. Examples include:

  • positive attitudes and coping skills
  • supportive family
  • positive and healthy peers
  • living in low-crime neighbourhoods with access to support services 

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Alberta Crime Prevention Week

Crime Prevention Week raises awareness about what community members can do to help keep their neighbourhoods safe. We work with the Alberta Community Crime Prevention Association (ACCPA) to coordinate a variety of activities during the annual Crime Prevention Week, including:

  • workshops on personal safety explaining measures individuals can take at home and work to prevent crime
  • information sessions and membership drives for programs like Neighborhood Watch and Citizen’s Crime Patrol
  • numerous opportunities for Albertans to get to know law enforcement officials in their community

Crime Prevention Week 2018

Date: May 14-20

Step-by-step instructions on how to plan, execute and publicize the week's activities in your neighbourhood:

Crime Prevention Week Guide 2018 (PDF, 447 KB)